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Brexit costs micromobility retailer over 200k a year

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Longer processes and additional costs have made exportation a lot more complicated for British manufacturers since Brexit.

The new rules have cost UK micromobility retailer Ride + Glide “over £200,000 a year” and affected its customer satisfaction rates due to longer delivery timeframes, according to the company’s Co-Founder Pascal Capon.

“It is a really big problem for us,” Capon told Zag Daily. “Brexit has made everything take a lot longer and be a lot more expensive. It used to take three to four days to deliver to Germany, for example. Now it can take two to three weeks, which is very frustrating.”

Ride + Glide has just launched the new Element Bondi, a British-designed large-wheeled premium e-scooter developed in partnership with independent engineers.

As an alternative to the post-Brexit trade challenges, the company is negotiating with a large European retailer to distribute its new model all across Europe. 

“It is much more difficult for us to just open companies in multiple countries than it is to partner with a distributor that already has that,” says Capon. “It will then make it much easier and cheaper for customers to buy the e-scooter within the EU.” 

Element Bondi is available for purchase in all European countries and so far the firm has sold 95% of its initial units.  

Considering the popularity of the model, Capon expects to close the deal with a distributor in the next six months. 

Focus on safety

Element Bondi features bigger wheels than other e-scooters on the market, intended to absorb larger impacts and give a smoother ride.

The 20×3 inch pneumatic tyres grant riders more safety when manoeuvring over potholes or other bumps and humps on the road. 

Ride + Glide

Powered by a 500w rear-mounted motor – which can get up to 800w at its peak – the Bondi comes with a removable and lockable 14Ah Bak Cell battery. 

This gives it a 30-mile range and a top speed of 22 mph, though there is an optional speed limit. Another key component is its water resistance to unexpected showers that are common in most European cities.

“There are lots of very light, small, compact, and also very fast e-scooters around,” says Capon. “But there are not many vehicles for people that like to ride around the cities, who just want to feel safe and stylish at the same time. This premium version of our commuter-style scooter fits right into the market.”

The Element Bondi costs £1,699 including VAT, rivalling the likes of the Lavoie Series 1, Bo M and Pure Advance in the premium segment.

Next steps

Apart from direct sales, Ride + Glide is also planning on creating a leasing option for both individuals and companies. 

“We have had some hotel chains around Europe taking them on for their customers to use to get around the cities. We are quite interested in this area but we have not closed the deals yet.” 

The company expects to receive more feedback about the Bondi once it enters the market, which will help produce the next generation. 

“By the end of the year, we may have a new design out, as well as a slightly different version that will probably look more like a bicycle.”

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