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Pure aims to reinvent the e-scooter with new model range launch

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Electric scooter brand Pure Electric is looking to reinvent the e-scooter with the reveal of three brand new products at a launch event in Paris. 

Dubbed Pure Advance, Pure Advance+ and Pure Advance Flex, the new e-scooter range includes two foot plates to create a forward-facing riding stance, a patent pending steering control system and a foldable chassis. 

Designed by ex-Dyson and ex-Jaguar Land Rover engineers, the team have spent the last two years with their heads down in development. 

Speaking with Zag Daily at the launch event, Adam Norris, Pure’s Founder and CEO, said: “We’re thrilled to show the world our ground-breaking new products. We’ve not settled for a ‘bit better than the rest’ approach. Our talented Bristol based engineers have reinvented the e-scooter from the ground up, as that is what it’ll take to realise the huge opportunity this category has to offer.” 

‘Future facing, forward-thinking’

Pure is challenging the mainstream e-scooter format. Instead of a deck where the rider stands with one foot in front of the other, the e-scooter features a central chassis with a footpad on either side. 

The British firm said this design allows the rider to take a more natural, forward-facing stance, with their weight balanced and feet shoulder-width apart.

“This groundbreaking approach puts the rider lower to the ground which means their experience is more stable and comfortable,” said Sam Bernard, Chief Technology Officer at Pure Electric.


Designed for city living 

The Pure Advance has folding handlebars and footpads to make it easier to store in a hallway or corridor, while a central stand prevents the scooter from falling over. These slimline features make the Advance up to 70% slimmer than a traditional scooter, according to the firm. 

For those wanting more flexibility, the Pure Advance Flex introduces another folding point in the chassis to bring it down to an even smaller form. This ultra-compact solution means the e-scooter can fit comfortably in a car boot, under a desk or on public transport racks. 


A safety boost 

All three e-scooters come fitted with patent pending Pure Control steering technology, which stabilises jittery handlebars often experienced with other e-scooters, said Pure.  If a rider goes over rough terrain, the handlebars and steering return back to the centre to give more control. 

Other notable safety features include pulsing indicators on the handlebars and LED lights on the back of the footpads that flash sequentially when the rider indicates. The front light has also had an upgrade – it is four times brighter than the lights used in Pure’s second-gen e-scooter range. In addition, the rear running light doubles as a bright brake light when the rider pulls the brake lever.


Advanced performance 

All models have 500W rated motors with a peak power of 710W, offering strong acceleration during hill climbs. 

Pure’s Advance and Pure Advanced Flex have a 40km range, while the Pure Advance+ can cover up to 50km on a single charge. To combat the pain of punctures, Pure’s 10-inch tubeless, air-filled tyres are its most puncture-resistant yet. 

The launch event is part of a major repositioning of the Pure brand, as the company chose to stop selling e-bikes in July and double down on e-scooters in what it sees as huge growth opportunities in a more focused market. 

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