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What is Zag?

Zag is a fresh look at the rapidly growing micromobility industry and the latest developments in urban design.

Principally, we focus on electric scooters and bike schemes, whilst also exploring their effects on roads, cities and wider society.

With exclusive interviews, data-driven investigations and sector-wide updates, Zag is the daily source of news and views on this very modern movement.

Zag Daily is published by Zag Group and is hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy.

What we stand for

That the climate emergency, polluted air and road fatalities can be alleviated through mass implementation and adoption of low-carbon transport and technology.

Inclusive infrastructure must be a non-negotiable, baked-in design foundation at all scales to achieve truly people-first spaces.

Today is the right time to be daring, bold and imaginative in how we shape the urban landscape of tomorrow.

We believe that cities across the world need to make a sharp change of direction if they are to meet these goals, and Zag will be with them every pedal and ride along the way.

The Team

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Yohanna Pinheiro



Oliver O’Brien

Carlton Reid

Nicholas Hellen


Sue Vandezande

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