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We are Zag

Zag Daily is a digital and social media first publication taking a fresh and informed look at the business of sustainable mobility and innovation.

With exclusive interviews, data-driven investigations and sector-wide intelligence, we are the go to source of news and views for new mobility decision makers reshaping the way we move around our cities and beyond.

Our mission

We need to make a sharp change of direction if our global goals for environmental and social impact are to be achieved. We believe:

  • The climate emergency, polluted air, road deaths and serious injuries can be alleviated through the adoption of new thinking and new technologies.
  • A combined net zero and vision zero approach is a non-negotiable requirement for safer, more sustainable and inclusive mobility.
  • Today is the right time to be daring, bold and imaginative in how we shape and grow the mobility choices of tomorrow.

Zag’s reporting is unashamedly committed to accelerating this change.


Partner with us

Content partnerships with Zag Daily create a unique storytelling opportunity for purpose driven brands aligned with our mission.

If reaching key investment, industry and policy players is central to your business and advocacy objectives, partnering with Zag Daily can accelerate delivery on your strategy.

All of our paid content undergoes rigorous editorial review before being published on any of our platforms.


Zag agency

Zag Daily is published by the Zag Group, a cause-driven communications & media agency working with a growing community of like-minded clients who share our sense of purpose.

Zag Group helps drive business growth, social impact and meaningful change through compelling communication campaigns and creative activations.


The Team

Marc Cutler

Richard Woods


Tom Woods


Anthony Oram


Sue Vandezande

Digital and Social