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McLaren Applied debuts e-scooter with supercar standards

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McLaren Applied has entered the micromobility sector with a new premium mobility brand and its own F1-inspired electric scooter. 

Lavoie has unveiled the Series 1, an e-scooter manufactured with “supercar standards”, featuring a patented one-touch Flowfold mechanism.

Inspired by the suspension of racing machines at the pinnacle of motorsport, Lavoie’s Flowfold system allows the e-scooter to be folded down at the press of a button. This folds the front and rear wheel hinges and collapses the stem, which achieves “the greatest possible reduction in size while maintaining a large and stable deck for when in use,” said the firm. 

Series 1 is made of automotive-standard magnesium and weighs 16.5kg, which makes it easier to carry into offices and homes.

A two-hour charge on a domestic three-pin plug offers up to 31 miles of range. The Series 1 rolls on large and wide tires developed to absorb and withstand potholes and bumps.

Lavoie’s lighting system uses rear lights to illuminate the rider and increase their visibility in traffic, while front lights illuminates the road ahead, and floodlights on the side of the deck magnify the real estate of the e-scooter on the road. The e-scooter also features indicators that are activated from the ergonomically designed handlebars.

Riders can track the precise location of the vehicle and activate an alarm via an app. The app also enables navigation, in-depth stats, ride customisation, and will remotely notify the owner and Lavoie’s support team of any electronic faults or issues. 

Zag Daily spoke with Eliott Wertheimer, CEO of Lavoie, who said the company wants to “create desirable, highly functional, connected and safe micromobility products”. 

The mission is to become a major global player in the premium e-mobility market.

“As the world’s urban centres become even more congested we need to have new mobility solutions; mass transport and cars are becoming less relevant,” said Wertheimer. 

“At Lavoie we see micromobility playing a vital role in helping to keep road networks moving and improving air quality. We also recognise there is a lack of choice for customers who want to own micromobility products that are not only functional, but also beautifully designed, engineered and manufactured. We are bringing the same standards and quality that people have come to expect from high end automobiles to the micromobility sector. This journey starts with the Series 1 e-scooter.”  

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