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Dott e-bike and e-scooter usage nearly doubles in 2022

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Micromobility company Dott achieved a new record in demand for its shared e-bikes and e-scooters in 2022.

The usage of its vehicles last year almost doubled compared to 2021, growing by 94% in total rides and 92% in riders. 

Dott’s average distance per trip increased by 11% to 2.2km and reached an average time of 11 minutes in 2022. In total, over 74 million km were travelled across all trips.

Henri Moissinac, Dott’s Co-Founder and CEO, told Zag Daily that the company’s performance in 2022 reflects its commitment to providing a safe and reliable service for users.

“Our unique in-house model ensures our vehicles are available where and when they are needed,” said Moissinac. “This has helped us become a trusted operator in our existing markets, as well as launch in new cities including Tel Aviv, Stockholm, and win an exclusive contract for both e-bikes and e-scooters in Grenoble.”

Shift from leisure to commute

Dott also reported that 41% of trips are now made with passes for discounted prices, which indicates a shift from occasional to regular use. 

This evidence is reinforced by the peak time for use, which is between 8 and 10am, during the morning commute.

“We are seeing a shift from occasional, leisure use to becoming a regular and everyday solution for travel in our cities,” said Moissinac.

“Fuel price rises and increased living costs are leading people to seek affordable and sustainable travel solutions. Our e-bikes and e-scooters provide a cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution than cars, without sacrificing time or efficiency.”

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