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Dott launches e-scooter fleet in Stockholm

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Dott has launched a fleet of 1,500 shared e-scooters in the Swedish capital of Stockholm today.

The e-scooters have a 10 SEK unlock fee and will be 2.5 SEK per minute.

Regular riders can reduce the cost by opting for a 79 SEK day pass or 399 SEK monthly pass.

Dott’s e-scooters are fitted with large wheels, indicator lights, triple braking and licence plates.

The vehicles speed limit is set at 20 kph, and software controlling the e-scooters ensures they adhere to slow and no-zones. There are also e-learning modules available in the app to ensure responsible riding.

“Our e-scooters offer the most efficient way to travel across Stockholm without causing congestion or pollution,” said Cedric Borglund Janson, Dott’s Area Manager for Stockholm. 

“We are bringing our experience from major European cities to ensure that our service is carefully integrated into the city, offering a reliable service for our riders whilst respecting other road users and pedestrians.”

All repairs and maintenance will be carried out at Dott’s warehouses by a team of in-house specialists.

Dott recently partnered with battery maker Gouach, which has designed a battery that makes it much easier to swap out defective cells in order to extend the batteries “first” life. ZAG spoke with Gouach’s Co-Founder to find out more.

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