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French startup Motto to launch e-bike subscription scheme in Paris

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French micromobility startup Motto is set to launch a new e-bike subscription scheme in Paris charging riders €75 per month for access.

Included in the fee is full access to a Motto e-bike capable of travelling at 25km/h as well as damage and theft insurance and maintenance services which can be accessed through the Motto App.

Each e-bike comes with a removable battery, integrated lights and a GPS tracker, while the firm offers two slightly different frames.

Motto has had its services tested by 200 users in Paris already and expects the scheme to get underway in April 2022.

Formerly known as Bloom, Motto raised $4.4 million in a seed funding round with investors including Cassius Family and Founders Future.

Shared e-scooters are currently available across much of Paris, while the city is set to invest heavily in the development of segregated bike lanes to encourage residents to choose more sustainable transport options.

The city has also instituted a 30km/h speed limit for all vehicles although that is subject to major exemptions.

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