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E-scooter operators welcome reduced speed limit for all vehicles in Paris

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Shared e-scooter operators TIER, Lime and Dott have welcomed the introduction of a new 30km/h speed limit for all vehicles in Paris.

The limit was brought in at the end of last month to help reduce the number of accidents, and the levels of noise and pollution.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has been a keen proponent of the move, which had already been in place in two-thirds of the city, although routes including the Champs Elysées and the Boulevard Périphérique will remain exempt.

The measure was supported by 59 per cent of Paris residents polled but faced opposition from business owners, the BBC reported.

Deputy mayor for transport David Belliard has advised that slow zones with a speed limit of 10kmh should also be introduced in a further effort to reduce car usage, and recently sent a letter to local policymakers regarding where such zones could be located.

TIER, Lime and Dott all run rental e-scooter schemes in Paris, and told Zag Daily that the new measure could help move people away from cars and towards more sustainable modes of transport.

According to Zag Daily estimates, TIER and Dott currently operate around 5,000 e-scooters in the city, while Lime has 1,500 e-scooters and 3,500 e-bikes.

Sylvain Martin, TIER General Manager in France, told Zag Daily that the move was a “step towards” a society that is less dependent on cars.

“It is great news that Paris has introduced a 30km/h speed limit in the vast majority of the city in order to cut accidents and noise pollution, while also fighting climate change,” he said.

“This welcome policy should boost the uptake of walking and micromobility. It is a further step towards life less dependent on cars and one that gives back public space to Parisians.”

A Dott spokesperson added: “Dott welcomes measures that encourage the use of shared micromobility, helping to reduce congestion and pollution on the streets. The new, lower speed limits for cars will reinforce e-scooters and e-bikes as the most efficient way to travel across the city.”

Meanwhile, Ilona Lartigue, head of communications EMEA at Lime, told Zag Daily that micromobility riders would feel safer as a result of the new speed limit.

“The alteration to Paris’ speed limit will be beneficial in the push towards micromobility for two reasons,” she said.

“Firstly, riders will feel a sense of increased assurance that they can travel safely throughout the city without the concern of other vehicle’s obstruction or speed. Our e-scooters are packed with safety features including a limited top speed of 12.5mph, and a stopping distance of 50 per cent shorter than most e-scooter models, reassuring riders that they can safely navigate their way around, in control working alongside other vehicles on the road. 

“Secondly, those previously reliant on their cars for transportation may opt for a cleaner mode of transport that operates almost at the same speed as their previous vehicles. At Lime, we strive for a future that is shared, electric and zero-emission, and believe that the use of e-scooters is a sustainable, safe and fun way to travel which more and more people will realise as they abide by the new speed limit.”

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