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Paris investing €250 million towards 180km of bike lanes

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The city of Paris will invest €250 million between now and 2026 towards the construction of 180km of permanent segregated bike lanes.

The proposal was announced as part of the city’s Bike Plan, which will also see bike parking spots more than triple to around 240,000.

Paris introduced a 30km/h speed limit for all vehicles in September as part of a bid to reduce the number of accidents, a move that was also welcomed by shared e-scooter operators.

TIER, Lime, and Dott currently operate fleets in the French capital, with e-scooter riders also set to benefit from the addition of segregated cycle lanes.

Dott also manages a shared e-bike scheme in the city, with plans to launch 3,000 devices by the end of the year.

The Bike Plan acknowledges that the increased number of bike users on roads has resulted in safety concerns, with a concerted effort to improve safety a growing focus.

Around two-thirds of the newly announced cycle lanes will be new, while one third will be the result of temporary lanes being made permanent.

An official statement read: “The priority is the safety of all users of public space, starting with those who are the most vulnerable: pedestrians.”

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