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Paris introduces 10km/h speed limit for e-scooters in 700 new zones

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Paris authorities have introduced a new 10km/h speed limit for e-scooters that will be applied in almost 700 areas of the city.

The new limit will be in place around a number of popular tourist attractions in the city, with the criteria for the new zones largely based on the presence of pedestrians.

Parks, gardens, streets with schools, town halls, places of worship, and commercial areas will all be subject to the 10km/h limit.

The shared e-scooter scheme in Paris is run by operators Dott, Lime, and TIER, with around 10,000 vehicles available for hire in total.

The initiative has been tested in four districts since late June and is being proactively extended by the operators.

Deputy mayor for transport David Belliard described the new measure as “a first step, but nowhere near enough”.

The city introduced a 30km/h limit for all vehicles in September, although there are notable routes made exempt, and has plans to build 180km of segregated bike lanes by 2026.

“Safety is our top priority, for our riders, other road users and pedestrians,” a Dott spokesperson said.

“This new initiative – led jointly by Dott, Lime and TIER in collaboration with Paris City Hall – will ensure slower and safer riding in nearly 700 areas with high pedestrian footfall across Paris, and demonstrates how we can adapt the technology in our e-scooters to provide an efficient, safe and reliable service which respects all city residents.”

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