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Zoomo adds EAV four-wheel cargo bikes to portfolio

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Last-mile subscription service Zoomo has added e-quads, four-wheel e-cargo bikes, to its e-fleet portfolio through a partnership with e-cargo bike maker EAV.

Zoomo’s platform offers a range of leasing, servicing and performance-tracking solutions for businesses that use electric vehicles. The fleet includes e-bikes, e-mopeds, e-cargo bikes, e-trailers and now, e-quads.

EAV’s vehicles are one of the largest on the market with the capacity to carry 2,000 litres and a 150kg payload in its 2m³ cargo space. With four wheels for stability, they are designed to access cycle lanes and safely navigate pedestrianised spaces.

As EAV’s Official Fleet Partner, Zoomo will offer financing for EAV’s range of vehicles alongside their maintenance guarantee and telematically enabled fleet management software solution.

Customer-led strategy

Nicholas Marquardt, Zoomo’s Commercial Strategy Manager, told Zag Daily the partnership follows the company strategy to add new vehicles according to customer demand.

“Zoomo’s platform is customer-led. We aim to provide our customers in urban logistics with whichever vehicle they need to fulfil their use-cases,” said Marquardt.

“In EAV we found a team capable of producing a vehicle that can truly replace vans, but at a fraction of the cost. We’re excited to offer this hardware solution on our platform.”

EAV CEO Adam Barmby added that the collaboration maximises the firm expertise in offering sustainable last-mile solutions.

“Zoomo are perfectly placed to support the take up of EAVs in city centres across the world and drive the positive difference that we’re pushing for. We are thrilled to have a like-minded partner on our mission to revolutionise the last mile, and to create cleaner, safer cities.”

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