Zoomo adds e-cargo bikes to portfolio with Urban Arrow partnership

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Last-mile subscription service Zoomo is adding e-cargo bikes to its e-fleet portfolio through a partnership with e-cargo bike producer Urban Arrow

The move aims to meet the needs of businesses that want to embrace more sustainable last-mile solutions by electrifying parcel delivery and inner-city logistics.

Through the partnership, Urban Arrow’s Cargo L and XL Cargo Line Rohloff models have been integrated with Zoomo’s platform, which combines a subscription with servicing, software and financing capabilities.

Nicholas Marquardt, Zoomo Commercial Strategy Manager, told Zag Daily that the firm is replicating the automobile fleet model for micromobility.

“Users need an integrated maintenance package to avoid breakdowns, financing to enable leasing, and specialised software to manage their assets,” said Marquardt. “These are products that don’t yet exist in the cargo bike world but that we have already built at Zoomo.

“It’s a model we’ve seen work well in the automotive world. We are taking this blueprint and redefining the micromobility and urban logistics sectors in much the same way.”

Target markets

Zoomo’s primary target market for cargo bikes is the last-mile parcel delivery sector.

“That said, we are seeing other sectors recognising the advantages of cargo bikes for efficient transportation of both people and goods within cities,” said Marquardt. “This includes self-delivery restaurants and mobile workforces such as plumbers, who we are actively engaged with to understand their unique needs.

“More generally though we are finding that congestion zones, low-traffic neighbourhoods, emissions taxes and parking limitations are making delivery by van increasingly uneconomical. As a result, customers are looking for solutions that are faster, cheaper and cleaner.”

Urban Arrow’s Cargo L and XL versions come with multiple box variants with the ability to carry up to 620 litres, making it suitable for a wider range of business needs. 

Enhanced competitiveness

The durability of Urban Arrow’s e-cargo bikes will bring down Zoomo’s total cost of ownership, according to Marquardt. 

“They have a long history of making some of the strongest, lightest and most powerful front loaders on the market, with vehicles that last for half a decade or more. This brings down the total cost of ownership and enables us to charge our customers the most competitive pricing possible.”

Urban Arrow will benefit by gaining access to new markets and expanding its user base through Zoomo’s platform. Existing and future Urban Arrow customers will also benefit from Zoomo’s servicing network and finance offerings.

Jorrit Kreek, Co-Founder of Urban Arrow, added: “With Zoomo being the world’s leading platform for commercial micromobility fleets, we are proud to see our Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes being ridden by industry leading companies.”

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