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Formula E e-scooter sells out prompting renewed call for UK e-scooter legislation

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The e-scooter retailer Zinc Sports has announced that its model Formula E GZ1 has sold out online in less than two months. It is still available in the retailer Argos’ stores.

Launched last December, the model is the first of seven products to be developed by the brand in partnership with the motorsport championship for all-electric cars, Formula E

Chief Operating Officer at Zinc Sports Chirag Shah said the demand has been beyond the company’s expectations and called for speedy regulation in the UK. 

“We believe people should be free to use e-scooters on British roads if they respect the law and do so safely,” Shah told Zag Daily. “That means the current blanket ban should be ended and legislation brought forward.”

Private e-scooters are widely sold but are currently only legal on private land. 

The regulation is expected to be included in the Government’s Transport Bill, which was delayed by the Department of Transport (DfT) last December. 

“Some customers are naturally surprised at the UK laws and see them as out of sync with the rest of the world, especially as many of them travel abroad and see that e-scooters are allowed and wide-spread in countries like France, the United States, Singapore and many others,” said Shah.

“As one of the UK’s biggest scooter brands, we know consumers want change and we have observed a significant increase in consumer interest in e-scooters over the past year.”

The COO argued that regulation will allow e-scooters to be used on roads and impose a framework on their production, sale and usage.

“Modernising the law and responding to consumer demand by setting out clear and enforceable rules on e-scooter use would actually protect more people as well as tackling problems of pollution and congestion by greening the final mile of many journeys.”

E-scooter features

The Zinc Formula E GZ1 Series Electric Scooter takes inspiration from the world of motoring with a unique front smart headlight that responds automatically to the surrounding conditions – similar to adaptive driving beam headlights. 

Formula E

It also boasts indicator deck lights which switch on automatically when riders make a left or right turn.

With a battery range of 13 miles and a speed of up to 15.5 mph, the e-scooter features a built-in gyroscopic system that regulates the speed, absorbs shock and provides stability to ensure a comfortable ride.

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