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Formula E enters the micromobility race with new Zinc series

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Formula E, a motorsport championship for electric cars, has teamed up with retailer Zinc Sports to launch a range of micromobility vehicles.

Seven products will form the new Zinc Formula E Series, including three e-scooters, three e-bikes and a kick scooter to be released in the next 12 months. The new product range fits naturally with Formula E’s mission of accelerating the adoption and development of electric vehicles.

The first product in the collection is the folding Zinc Formula E GZ1 series e-scooter.  

This takes inspiration from the world of motoring with a unique front smart headlight that responds automatically to the surrounding conditions – similar to adaptive driving beam headlights. It also boasts indicator deck lights which switch on automatically when riders make a left or right turn. 

Formula E

With a battery range of 13 miles and a speed of up to 15.5 mph, the e-scooter features a built-in gyroscopic system that regulates the speed, absorbs shock and provides stability to ensure a comfortable ride.

“While Formula E is focused on accelerating the development of electric cars, we can also see how e-scooters could play a role in sustainable urban transport in the future subject to regulatory approval,” said Matt Scammell, Chief Commercial Officer of Formula E. “Together with Zinc Sports, we are excited to explore the world of micromobility.” 

Zag Daily spoke with Chirag Shah, Chief Operating Officer of Zinc, who said “Formula E will be tapping into Zinc’s expertise in the e-scooter space by using our 15 years of scooter manufacturing experience to create and launch a range of micromobility products that share the same mission.

“The product will be available first in the UK. We will look to expand the range into international territories such as France, Germany, Spain, Canada and the USA who already have big Formula E audiences and are most receptive to micromobility solutions.”

The Zinc Formula E GZ1 e-scooter is on sale now at UK retailer Argos for £399.99.

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