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Drover AI deploys computer vision tech on Segway vehicles

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Drover AI and Segway have announced that Drover has joined the Segway Pilot partnership programme to integrate its AI and computer vision software on Segway’s vehicles and platform.

The collaboration makes Drover AI the preferred provider of software for pavement detection, parking compliance, ARAS and other AI/CV services for Segway’s range of AI-equipped vehicles.

Segway will serve as Drover’s preferred hardware platform for both integrated vehicles and stand-alone computer vision modules.

Segway’s Vice-President of Business Development Tony Ho told Zag Daily: “We are delighted to join forces with Drover AI, a pioneer in computer vision and AI solutions. 

“Drover’s joining into Segway’s programme will provide our customers with more choices and enhanced experience, as well as the safety and compliance features demanded by cities worldwide.”

Segway’s first vehicle to benefit from the partnership will be the S90L model, followed by the stand-alone Pilot Edge AI module due in the third quarter of this year. This will be compatible with the latest models of Segway vehicles.

Drover AI CEO Christian Scheder-Bieschin, told Zag the collaboration will provide a best-in-class micromobility offering.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Segway, a company that shares our vision for pushing the boundaries of technology in personal transportation.

“This collaboration combines expertise and reliability in hardware with cutting-edge AI and sensor fusion software, resulting in a best-in-class micromobility offering for operators, riders and cities alike.”

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