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Segway extends warranty period for shared operators to optimise total cost of ownership

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Global micromobility product and solution provider Segway has released a new year-long warranty service at the Micromobility Europe expo in Amsterdam this week.  

Dubbed Segway Care Commercial, it has been designed to maximise client profitability and vehicle lifetime. 

“Segway Commercial Care isn’t just another warranty programme; it’s an industry-leading initiative that takes customer care and service to another level,” Michael Luan, Product Director of Segway-Ninebot’s Commercial Mobility Business Division, tells Zag Daily. 

“While we previously provided an industry-practice month’s warranty for operators before the Segway Care Commercial plan, we have extended the duration to showcase our dedication to quality and optimising the total cost of ownership for our clients.”

What this means for shared micromobility operators

Available for e-bikes and e-scooters bought from Segway from 6 June 2024, the warranty service covers 100% of the vehicle’s key components for up to 12 months at no cost to the client.

The covered components include the handlebar, frame, tube, motor, wheel hub, dashboard assembly, front suspension, forehead, battery pack, IOT, controller, and more.  

Segway’s data suggests that this new plan has the potential to annually reduce component costs by up to 20%. 

Micromobility is facing challenges of saturation, fierce competition, and the need to strike a balance between growth and profitability. 

“In such a dynamic environment, adaptation and innovation are key,” says Michael. “Segway’s game-changing strategy – Segway Care Commercial – is a value-added service poised to revolutionise the shared micromobility industry, placing sustainability and cost-effectiveness at its core.” 

Minimising costs and maximising uptime

Segway’s vision is to empower operators to achieve profitability by optimising their total cost of ownership. The introduction of this new warranty aims to assist operators in realising this objective.

The one-year warranty reduces both hardware costs and labour costs associated with repair and maintenance, while also minimising the downtime a shared vehicle spends sat in a warehouse.   

“Fleet downtime can be costly for shared micromobility operators, sometimes resulting from core components falling short of expectations,” Michael says. “Segway’s new warranty plan assures a prompt and efficient solution to repair or replace all key components. This warranty empowers Segway’s clients to seek resolution without incurring additional costs.” 

Minimal downtime translates into higher fleet utilisation rates, increasing the operator’s profitability. 

Clients can call or message Segway for vehicle issue requests, serving as a safety net for businesses. This eliminates the stress and disruptions that can come with unexpected breakdowns. Zag is told the response time for addressing component issues will depend on different factors including the type of issue, its severity and the specific components involved. 

Behind the warranty scenes

Segway’s confidence in the quality of its products is the cornerstone of this new warranty service, supported by three fundamental factors.

First, Segway’s product design aims to ensure an extended lifespan for its shared e-scooters and e-bikes. 

Second, Segway’s R&D focus enables various strategies to be implemented from design enhancements to material improvements. These strategies work towards elevating product quality.

Lastly, Segway’s vehicles are subject to rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and durability and are fit for high-frequency use. 

For example, its e-scooter stems for instance are subject to thrust force tests of up to 600N applied over 1000,000 cycles to ensure the durability, reliability and safety of the vehicle. 

Further tests include roller tests, vibration tests, front and back push-pull fatigue tests, waterproofing tests, and others.

Scrupulous testing is not a new phenomenon for Segway, which put its Lite L60E e-scooter through similar trials to strengthen its safety on the road. This frame underwent a vibration test that was carried out one million times to protect it from hostile and highly pressured operating conditions.

Segway’s testing aims to reduce the likelihood that an operator should even need to use a warranty service. “With the launch of Segway Care Commercial, Segway reaffirms its commitment to the shared micromobility industry,” say Michael. “It is a testament to our dedication to providing top-quality, long-lasting products and a tangible contribution to sustainability.”

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