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Pure Electric to launch new e-scooter as bold brand repositioning rolls out

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Electric scooter brand Pure Electric has released a teaser image of a new e-scooter it will unveil at an upcoming launch event on Wednesday. 

The teaser image hints at an e-scooter that can fold down to a much smaller form factor, making it suitable for storing in public transport racks or hallways at home. 

Speaking ahead of the launch event with Zag Daily, Adam Norris, Pure’s Founder and CEO shared: “I created Pure Electric to make a positive impact on this planet. I believe e-scooters are crucial in the fight against the climate crisis and can dramatically improve the lives of people living in cities across the world.

“We’re almost ready to show the world our ground-breaking new product. We’ve not settled for a ‘bit better than the rest’ approach. Our talented Bristol based engineers have reinvented from the ground up, as that is what it’ll take to realise the huge opportunity this category has to offer.” 

In addition to this upcoming announcement, Pure is also launching a new crowdfunding campaign via Crowdcube, according to a LinkedIn post from Norris. 

“Over the last four years I have had a lot of people ask me if they can invest in Pure Electric,” said Norris. “The answer has always been no until now.” 

His post suggests the money will be used to expand into new markets and drive further innovation with “even more products”. 

Both announcements are part of a major repositioning of the Pure brand, as the company decided to stop selling e-bikes in July and double down on e-scooters in what it sees as huge growth opportunities in a more focused market. 

With Pure now solely manufacturing its own e-scooters, the plan is to sell these either direct to consumers or via third-party retail stores. 

Just last week Pure agreed a partnership with the UK’s biggest technology retailer Currys, which will now see its products stocked at stores across the country. 

Investors are being invited to get early access to Pure’s crowdfund, while micromobility enthusiasts wanting to be the first to know all the details about the upcoming launch can subscribe to the company’s newsletter

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