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Inaugural eSkootr Championship calendar set, first race to be held in London

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The race calendar for the inaugural eSkootr Championship was announced today, with London set to host the opening round.

Confirmed for 13 to 14 May, London will hold the first of six races that will take place across the UK, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and the USA.

The cities set to host the other five races will be announced by eSC shortly, with the races taking place at specially designed inner-city circuits

The new series will see riders from backgrounds including skiing, surfing, motorcycles and BMX compete against each other on electric scooters capable of reaching 100km/h.

“This is a huge moment for eSC, and for sport, motorsport and the future growth of micromobility, as we announce the first destinations that will host our brand-new championship,” said Hrag Sarkissian, eSkootr Championship co-founder and CEO.

“eSC is a fan-first sport and our race locations will provide the perfect backdrop for a spectator and entertainment experience like never before, with each event embracing the urban culture and associated lifestyle. At the same time, London, and the other cities we will announce shortly, are all incredibly progressive, with an appreciation for the real world relevance eSC brings as they seek to address the implications of a rapidly changing mobility landscape.”

Khalil Beschir, eSkootr Championship co-founder and COO, added: “Our mission at eSC is to showcase close, exhilarating racing that is accessible to all and a platform for promoting sustainable, safe and more affordable transportation in urban areas.

“London and our other locations are committed to eSC’s vision for events to be an inner-city festival of racing and entertainment, which makes them the perfect host-city partners. They each share our passion for providing a new, fan-first event that inspires a new movement for safer, greener and more liveable cities.”

eSC 2022 Provisional Race Schedule

UK: 13/14 May

Switzerland: 27/28 May

France: 17/18 June

Italy: 15/16 July

Spain: 16/17 Sept

USA: October

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