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eSkootr Championship launches its new electric race scooter

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The eSkootr Championship has launched its high-performance race e-scooter that will be used when the series gets underway in 2022.

Developed by the Italian Advanced Technology firm, YCOM, the eSC S1-X eSkootr will reach speeds of over 100km/h, a lean angle of more than 50 degrees, and will weigh just 35kg.

The scooter utilises two compact 6kW electric motors in combination with a 1.5kWh battery supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering.

The S1X’s carbon fibre chassis is clad with aerodynamic and environmentally-friendly bodywork, with adjustable front and rear suspension elements made from CNC machined aluminium. 

To enhance high speed stability, a torque delivery system balances output between the front and rear wheels and a temporary boost function is also available to riders during races.

Sixteen riders got the chance to use the S1-X for the first time at a collective test earlier this month, where the scooter was initially limited to 40 per cent power, before ending the test at 70 per cent.

It is expected that the riders will be able to use 100 per cent power as well as the additional 20 per cent temporary boost function at the first race next year.

“It has been fantastic to see the progress that YCOM has made since our partnership began,” said eSC co-founder and CEO Hrag Sarkissian.

“Their fast and flexible approach to engineering, development, prototyping and production has meant that we now have 10 S1-X Skootrs ready to race and have completed an extensive testing program. 20 more scooters will be ready in the next few months. I don’t think this would have been possible without YCOM.

“Our ambition is for eSC to push the e-mobility envelope and champion sustainable solutions, YCOM aligns perfectly with these aims and this long-term partnership is already proving invaluable.”

YCOM has experience designing and manufacturing technology for Formula 1 and FIA World Endurance Championship winners, with its founder Nicola Scimeca stating that the company was “thrilled to be involved in eSC”.

“The e-mobility revolution is here,” he said.

“We are thrilled to be involved in eSC and producing the S1-X for all competitors in the opening seasons. While they may appear vastly different on the surface, we applied what we had learned from our other high- performance electric vehicle programs, including Volkswagen’s incredible I.D.R Pike’s Peak car. Working alongside the eSC team to refine the design and match performance expectations within a limited timeframe has been challenging but well within our capabilities.”

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