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First mass deployment of Segway ChargeLock Stations gets underway

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One of America’s biggest bike tour operators Unlimited Biking is running the first large-scale deployment of Segway and Metro Mobility’s ChargeLock Station that incorporates charging and locking from a single connector.

The low-cost, patent-pending, dual-purpose cable design developed with startup Metro Mobility will be rolled out at hotels across America. 

Users simply plug the ChargeLock cable into an e-scooter or e-bike to end the rental, lock the vehicle to the station and begin charging. 

Segway ChargeLock

The system allows hotels to bolster their amenities and offer additional value in tourist destinations. 

Zag Daily spoke with Unlimited Biking’s CEO Hakan Ugdur at Micromobility Industries flagship summit in San Francisco where the station was on display. 

“The tourism industry is pretty unforgiving which is why we need an efficient and reliable system,” said Ugdur. 

“We ran a demo programme using the ChargeLock system last winter and had over a 95% success rate.

“Our hotel partners are looking to offer experiences beyond a simple place to sleep, and the ChargeLock System makes the exciting addition of e-bikes an easy and hassle-free addition to any hotel.”


While the ChargeLock System meets the needs of the hospitality industry, it can be used for any shared vehicle programme. 

Fleet operators can retrofit existing Segway shared fleets with ChargeLock modules or the cable can accommodate other vehicle designs. Vehicles can be equipped with a built-in cable lock or “lock-to” feature, utilising the same ChargeLock port allowing users to secure the vehicle at a station. 

“There is no restriction on form factor so it’s super flexible,” Tony Ho, Segway’s Vice President of Micromobility Business Development, told Zag.

“It is an elegant and simplistic solution to a seemingly complex problem.”

Simplified user experience 

The flexible cables also provide a simpler and more reliable user experience compared to traditional docks, where aligning the vehicle with the locking mechanism can be challenging.

Metro Mobility’s CEO David Montague explained: “This station is a fifth to a tenth of the cost of what’s out there on the streets right now but the user experience with respect to reliability is significantly improved. Every consumer knows how to plug something in, nothing needs to be lined up to the right angle and our station doesn’t need a floor base. We can go on uneven surfaces, grass, gravel, you name it.”

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