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EIT Urban Mobility empowers 86 new European mobility startups

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EIT Urban Mobility has welcomed 86 new mobility startups to the EU-backed body’s fourth edition of its Accelerator programmes. 

As an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), EIT will offer innovative, impact driven startups a range of services over a six-month period, including mentoring, living lab testing, matchmaking with cities and industry, as well as participation in key events.

A total of 470 applications were received, up from 309 in 2022, with the 86 selected representing 21 European countries. 

The high number of applicants highlights the rapid growth and “immense potential” of the urban mobility transport sector. 

EIT told Zag Daily: “We have seen multiple companies related to EV charging infrastructure solutions and marketplaces to connect demand (EV drivers looking for a charging point) and offers (charging point operators).

“Our programmes for startups are accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility,” said Raül Feliu, Impact Ventures Programmes Manager.

“We are committed to this fascinating and long journey. This is why our programmes equip entrepreneurs with the best tools and connections to grow in the mobility ecosystem.”

Focus on inclusion

Among those selected, more than 30% are led by female CEOs or Founders, in line with EIT’s dedication to narrow the startup gender gap and foster an inclusive ecosystem.

For 2023, EIT has also expanded its accelerators by offering two new programmes – Inclusive Mobility Accelerator and Smart Mobility Accelerator.

The company said: “This year we have specific modules within each accelerator to not only assess SDG/ESG impact for each supported startup, but also to help startups develop their business roadmaps with sustainability awareness having a positive environmental, social and economic contribution.” These two new accelerators are now running in addition to the Sustainable City Logistics Accelerator, E+ Mobility Accelerator, Energy and Public Realm Accelerator, Urban Air Mobility Accelerator and Future Mobility Accelerator.

Seven high potential startups

There were seven high potential startups from last year’s cohort that EIT is continuing to support with their expansion efforts by either investing in them, or giving them the opportunity to join another accelerator programme. 

These are Nemi Mobility Solutions, Ridergy, Walking talking, Vivadrive, Revoltz, Lumen and Luna Systems

In 2022, Luna was part of EITUM’s accelerator programme, which came under the New European Bauhaus initiative. Now it has been selected for the Scale-Up programme as a follow-up

The firm’s computer vision and AI technology enables road, pavement and cycle lane recognition. 

“We are delighted and proud to continue our journey with EIT Urban Mobility, which has been an invaluable source of support to our mission since the start,” Luna Systems COO Maria Diviney told Zag Daily.

“Through its various programmes, the initiative and its consortia members have empowered us with learning and development based programmes, as well as access to meaningful city partnerships, which have helped us deliver real value to the European urban mobility community.”

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