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EIT Urban Mobility launches seven accelerator programmes with diversity focus

EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), has launched seven startup accelerator programmes to boost new mobility solutions across Europe.

The EU-backed division Impact Ventures offers support to early-stage gender-balanced startup teams with scalable business ideas that enhance transport system efficiency and reduce congestion.

“We want to promote positive impact solutions across all regions of Europe, as well as more team diversity and female founders to support more gender-balanced start-ups,” Raül Feliu, Impact Ventures Programmes Manager, told Zag Daily. 

“Set up with partners across Europe, the programme is hands-on, intensive, and fast-paced to support innovative start-ups. The advantage of such programmes ranges from access to funding, to industry knowledge, to a great community and to new clients.”

All courses run for six months and offer up to €30,000 worth of support services, including business coaching and product and technology validation.

More than 70 startups have participated in Impact Ventures previous accelerator programmes, including Fluctuo, Vianova, Gotikket, Upride and Skyroads.

Applications for the Impact Ventures accelerator programmes are open until 21 April. Startups must be registered after 31 December 2012 in the EU or Horizon Europe associated countries, as well as have a minimum of 2 FTEs, to be eligible to apply.

Accelerator programmes

The Sustainable City Logistics accelerator programme is set to support ten start-ups this year with a focus on developing innovative solutions in the field of urban mobility. The goal is to help them tackle the challenges of sustainable freight and goods transportation and achieve a head start in international markets. 

E+ Mobility is looking to fast-track the launch of start-up-led solutions in micromobility, shared mobility and energy. This programme will assist the development of pilot projects and grant access to key players for market and technical validation.

The Energy and Public Realm programme is designed to help startups develop innovative solutions to enhance public space and improve resident well-being by tackling energy and mobility-related issues. Startups are welcome to apply from either thematic area without the need to cover both the energy and public realm.

Other programmes offered by Impact Ventures are Future Mobility, Inclusive Mobility, Smart Mobility and Urban Air Mobility.

EIT Urban Mobility is also running two Master’s programmes to address skills gap challenges in the sustainable urban mobility sector.

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