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Dott and Fluctuo partner to benchmark micromobility performance

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Micromobility firm Dott has agreed to share real-time information about its services and impact with mobility data provider Fluctuo

The partnership aims to increase transparency and visibility of e-bike and e-scooter use across Europe.

Dott will provide access to its GBFS API (General Bikeshare Feed Specification), which provides real-time information on its vehicle fleets in over 35 cities on the continent. Fluctuo will then use this data to calculate metrics on vehicles and trips for its platform City Dive that aggregates shared mobility information in more than 180 cities.

The operator’s data will ultimately enhance City Dive’s accuracy.

“There’s a saying: a problem shared is a problem halved,” Fluctuo’s CEO Julien Chamussy told Zag Daily. “If the wealth of data we produce on how cities move is kept a secret, we will never be able to solve the most pressing issues with these new mobility modes.

“We hope that other companies will join leaders like Voi, Tier, Donkey Republic – and now Dott – in sharing high quality data with Fluctuo so that we can accelerate the development of shared mobility across the continent.” 

Additionally, Fluctuo’s analysis will allow Dott to better understand bike and scooter dynamics in Europe, to benchmark its services performance and fuel expansion strategies into new cities.

Maxim Romain, Dott’s Co-Founder and COO, added: “By supporting Fluctuo’s City Dive, cities will get a clearer understanding of shared micromobility use, helping to inform decisions on policy and infrastructure to accelerate the use of sustainable transport.”

Besides Fluctuo’s interactive dashboard, the firm also runs a quarterly report. The latest European Shared Mobility Index showed that shared rides generated over €3.1 billion in revenue in 2022.

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