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European operators made €3.1 billion in ride revenue in 2022

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More than €3.1 billion was generated in revenue by shared rides in 2022, according to Fluctuo’s latest European Shared Mobility Index report

Operators made around €500m in Q1, €850m in Q2, €1b in Q3 and €750m in Q4.  

Fluctuo also found that across Europe over 550 million trips were made on 850,000 vehicles, equating to an average of 1.5 million trips per day.

The report analysed rental bike, e-scooter, e-moped, and car user trends in 100 European cities.   

“This ‘revenue generated’ figure for 2022 is an important marker for the shared industry which shows the size of the market today, not a prediction of the future,” Fluctuo’s CEO and Co-Founder Julien Chamussy told Zag Daily. 

“We’re also proud of the vehicles available and trips made across the whole of Europe, because it allows us to draw comparisons with North America and beyond.”

Fluctuo’s data suggests that Europe is leading the shared mobility race when compared to North America. 

According to the North American Bikeshare and Scootershare Association (NABSA), there were 212,000 shared scooters and bikes in North America in 2021. This resulted in at least 128 million trips over the course of the year. 

Compared to Europe in 2022, Fluctuo estimates that there were 745,000 scooters and bikes, clocking up 485 million trips – 279% more than in North America. 

“This makes Europe the largest and most competitive shared mobility market in the world,” said Chamussy. 

The average end-user pricing, vehicle and trip data was sourced directly from operators, open data sources, mobile applications and public announcements.

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