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VX2 Pro: The ‘Swiss Watch of E-scooters’ Hits American Shores

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VMAX’s bestselling model – the VX2 Pro – strives to be a testament to Switzerland’s longstanding history of quality and class. 

“Meet the Swiss watch of e-scooters,” VMAX’s COO Yoav Dreifuss tells Zag Daily.

“Take one ride and you’ll feel the VMAX difference. You’ll feel right away that it’s a top-quality product that is built to last for years.”

Indeed, VMAX has its own factory in China which means that the brand has full control over how the scooters are produced. 

Its ISO and Amfori-BSCI-certified production facility boasts in-house production of every scooter – except the batteries and tires – which enables VMAX to craft top quality products while offering attractive prices to consumers. 

With a customizable battery size, the VX2 Pro is tailored to riders who want to enjoy the e-scooter in their own way. The entry level battery gives 22 miles of range and can be bought for $699. For 28 miles of range, it’s available at $799 and for 37 miles it’s $999.

“This is the most popular vehicle we’ve ever introduced,” Yoav says. “It fits a wide range of riders, both new and experienced ones. Whether that’s commuting to work or using it for leisure.”

Fit for the Swiss hills

The global brand, founded in 2015, partly arose out of Founder Dany Dätwiler’s long-term struggles with getting an e-scooter up the hill to his house.

Though he tried many different scooters, the outcome was always the same: Dany and the scooter side by side, lugging it up the hill.

“He decided he needed to have an electric scooter that could take him up to his door,” says Yoav. “So that’s what he built. Every scooter today is able to take riders up the hill even when it’s really steep.” 

The VX2 Pro loyally serves the same purpose. With a 500-watt motor, the e-scooter can tackle inclines of up to 28% with ease. 

“It’s the acceleration and engine power that really sets it apart. No other 500-watt e-scooter motor will accelerate more powerfully.”


An elegant ride

The VX2 Pro’s smooth riding experience is attributed to the model’s 10-inch tubeless tires which offer natural suspension to glide over uneven surfaces. With no other suspension, the e-scooter can retain its lightweight appeal weighing just 45 pounds, and remain in control of the user as it reduces the impact of vibrations.

“The VX2 Pro lets you ride for a long time without your body getting tired and riders appreciate how comfortable and safe it feels,” Yoav says.

The riding experience can also be customised with three riding modes on offer: eco mode, sport mode and beast mode. The three modes can reach different top speeds with a 24mph beast mode speed limit in the US. 

Back and front turn signals also distinguish the model from VMAX’s other products and offer enhanced safety. The 60 Lux LED front lights and back lights with built-in brake lights ensure the rider can see and be seen. 

Premium Quality from A to Z

Yoav tells Zag that a rider of the VX2 Pro can be assured by its many accreditations and awards. The batteries, which can be charged up to 1000 times, boast a UL certification – the Golden Standard – and the battery cells are sourced from the same factory which supplies many well-known electric vehicle manufacturers. 

With an IP 6 rating, users can confidently ride the e-scooter in any weather condition, and VMAX offers an industry-leading 24-month warranty period covering any manufacturing defects.

In 2023, the VX2 Pro won the prestigious Swiss TCS e-scooter test and has also found a name for itself in the Top Tech Review. 


Looking ahead

While Europe has traditionally been the brand’s main market over the last 8 years, VMAX launched in the US and Canada earlier in 2023 and has been growing ever since. In October VMAX showcased the VX2 Pro and other e-scooters at the Micromobility America industry fair in San Francisco.   

With an aim to dramatically expand its online marketplaces – and with Amazon already on board – VMAX is working to sell thousands of VX2 Pro models in the US and Canada in the coming months. 

Meanwhile, its current consumer base only calls for more confidence.

“We’ve been selling this e-scooter in Europe since 2021 and the newest version, the VX2 Pro, is really a state-of-the-art micromobility vehicle. Consumers in Europe, especially in Germany and Switzerland, have very high expectations in terms of product quality, and we’re excited about the success we’ve seen in those markets. This gives us the confidence that more and more US and Canadian consumers will join our rider community and enjoy the premium build and riding experience.”

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