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Tier launches app test in London to quell drink riding over Christmas

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Micromobility operator Tier has launched an in-app accuracy test in London designed to prevent drink-riding during this year’s Christmas party season.

“Given the increased likelihood of late-night drinking, and therefore irresponsible riding, we are providing an additional layer of prevention at these times, which focuses on the psychological aspects of drink-riding,” George Chamberlain, Tier’s Senior Corporate Communications Manager told Zag Daily. 

“Our industry-leading research with innovationbubble looks at the factors behind drink-riding and is designed to ensure our users reflect on their level of sobriety.” 

Currently, users who try to hire an e-scooter in the evening receive a message advising them to book a taxi through Tier’s partner Free Now if they are drinking or planning to drink. 

Additionally, this new test asks riders to match the angle of their phone with an angle displayed on a screen. Riders will be required to complete this three times within a set time frame. If a rider passes all three screens within the time limit, they can take out a Tier vehicle. 

Tier’s in-app accuracy test.

To improve rider safety further, Tier users can also get a £5 discount from its helmet partner, Electric Scooter Heads. The helmets feature built-in rechargeable lights, aiding the visibility of micromobility users during the longer winter nights. 

Much of Tier’s safety messaging has been developed in partnership with Drivetech, which is part of the AA.

Colin Paterson, Head of Marketing at Drivetech, said: “We were really pleased to support Tier with some initial digital rider training modules when they first launched in the UK, and are delighted to see this continuing safety message as we head into the festive period. Drivetech, and the rest of the AA, place motorist and road user safety high on their agenda. Encouraging Tier riders not to drink and ride is an admirable and responsible move – sharing the road safely is key, especially when spirits are high.”

The in-app accuracy test has been live in several other European markets since August this year. 

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