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TIER launches bespoke drink riding in-app accuracy test

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TIER has launched a new in-app accuracy test designed to prevent people from drink riding.

The test asks users to match the angle of their phone with an angle displayed on a screen. Riders will be required to complete this three times within a set time frame. If a rider passes all three screens within the time limit, they can take out a TIER vehicle. Those that fail will be advised to use an alternative form of transport through integrations with local taxi services that link to riders directly.


The test was developed following research conducted by the behavioural and insights consultancy Innovationbubble to ensure it addresses the behavioural changes that occur when alcohol is consumed.

Discoveries from this research found that some shared micromobility users feel safer riding under the influence than taking other modes of transport at night; social norms and peer dynamics influence decision making around drink riding; and riders underestimate the safety consequences for others, believing drink riding only puts themselves at risk.

“By partnering with innovation bubble, TIER has an in-depth understanding of the drivers behind rider behaviour,” TIER’s Head of Safety and Inclusion Kate Barnes told Zag Daily.

“By designing the test this way, we are encouraging riders to reflect on their sobriety, and combined with our other solutions, this addresses the causes of drivers riding under the influence and promotes behavioural change. While drink riding will remain a challenge across all modes of transport, we’re confident that this test, alongside many more of TIER’s safety features, will encourage people to ride sensibly and safely.”

The new safety test also comes shortly after research in Oslo, one of TIER’s core markets, which found that 4 in 10 of all injuries on e-scooters involve intoxicated riders.

Other innovative safety features available in TIER’s app include an integration with ride-hailing app FREE NOW which directs riders to book a taxi if a rider confirms they have been drinking, and a new safety pricing feature preventing riders from being charged while stationary to further discourage reckless riding like speeding through red lights.

The test is now available for IoS riders in some of TIER’s operating cities.

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