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Tesla-inspired Bo M e-scooter moves to production, final specs released

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British e-scooter maker Bo has announced that it has moved to the production phase with its Bo M after 24 months of engineering development and refinement. 

Founded by two ex-Formula One engineers and a former Jaguar Land Rover designer, the premium Tesla-inspired Bo M applies luxury car dynamics and design principles.

Bo’s CEO Oscar Morgan told Zag Daily: “We took everything that we had been applying in the automotive sector in terms of how you create the bodies and the structures for a vehicle, and we applied them to the Bo M which is why it doesn’t look like any other scooter on the market.” 

Retailing at £2,249, it features unique Bo Safesteer technology to create a smooth and stable ride, combined with advanced motor torque and power ratings, and functional innovations to deliver a sophisticated riding experience. 

The launch specifications include a powertrain that generates a peak power output of 1200 watts, enabling a top speed of up to 21 mph. Its 655Wh battery capacity ensures a range of 31 miles.

The custom monocurve aluminium chassis allows for a strong structure in which every bit of geometry is optimised, said Morgan. “Because it’s made without any white label products or pre-made components, we weren’t reliant on the dimensions and geometry that someone has already laid down.

“It allows us to package all of these features like Safesteer which stabilises the ride and makes riders a lot more comfortable. We were able to actually integrate these features into the chassis for a complete vehicle, a finished machine.”

With safety in mind, Bo’s distinctive Daytime Running Light (DRL) wraps around the Monocurve chassis to create a Light Halo, which delivers 270-degree light visibility. This signature design increases road presence and awareness from other road users by ensuring both the Bo M and rider are visible from every angle. 

Complementing the Light Halo is a headlight with up to 800 lumens from three temperature controlled LED lights housed in an aluminium enclosure, while a wide-angle high-lumen rear light keeps riders visible from behind in all weathers, flashing brightly under braking.

Target rollout 

Bristol-based Bo is targeting markets in Europe, the United States and the UK. 

Despite current laws in the UK blocking private e-scooters operating on public roads, Morgan remains optimistic about progress towards legalisation. 

“We remain very hopeful that legislation will see the light of day.

“What we now need is for them to see how much harm it’s causing those who are unable to commute or who find themselves commuting illegally, and to accelerate the legislative process.” 

Morgan told Zag that they already have sufficient preorder demand locally for the Bo M to go to the UK market. 

Over the next 12 months, the brand aims to sell 1,500 units. By keeping the production limited, Bo can create closer relationships and foster trust with its clientele. 

The Bo M is the first in a series of models. First pre-order deliveries are due to start from November, with further units available from February 2024. 

Last year, Zag spoke with Morgan to understand the origins of his inspiration and if there’s really a market for such a high-end luxury e-scooter

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