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Microlino Lite debuts in Geneva for those aged 14+ 

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Micro has unveiled a more accessible version of the space-saving, electric bubble quadricycle known as the Microlino at the Geneva Motor Show. 

Dubbed the Microlino Lite, it is an L6e version that opens up new mobility possibilities for those aged 14 and over with a moped licence, in accordance with respective national regulations.

It has a top speed of 45 km/h and can run for 100 km – which can be extended to 180 km upon request.

“There is a big demand on the market for vehicles that can be driven without a driver’s licence,” Merlin Ouboter, Co-Founder of Micro, told Zag Daily.

An automotive grade unibody structure offers more stability, safety and longevity to the vehicle than the conventional tubular frame normally used in the L6e category, Merlin said.

“It also offers an unmatched driving experience, equipped with a sport mode for quick acceleration, a sun roof to enjoy a nice breeze in the summer and a real trunk with 230 litre of capacity.

“Quality wise, the Lite is made like his big brother the Microlino.”

After unveiling its first ever Microlino concept at the annual Geneva Motor Show, Micro returns full-circle to premier the Microlino Lite today. 

“As the only Swiss car brand, this is of course a homerun for us, and the Geneva Motor Show holds a very special place in our hearts,” Merlin said.

Microlino Lite

With sales beginning this summer, the Microlino Lite will be available in two colour variants – Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite – from 149 CHF (£133.50) per month.

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