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Lime e-scooters can now be hired on Uber

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Shared micromobility operator Lime has made its e-scooters available to hire within popular ride hailing app Uber

Riders in London and Milton Keynes, where Lime currently operates as part of the government-backed e-scooter trials, will be able to use the Uber app to hire Lime’s e-scooters.

To access them, users must select the ‘two wheels’ option on the Uber app home page. Prices start at £1 to unlock and between 15p to 19p per minute to ride.

Uber is offering £5 off to celebrate the launch to those who book an e-scooter ride through the app for the first time. Users just need to enter the promo code “LONDONLIMESCOOTERS2022” for it to work in both London and Milton Keynes.  

Lime’s e-bikes have been available to hire within the Uber app for some time. We reported that these e-bikes are soon to be upgraded to the new Gen 4.

Alex Krasnoff, Business Development Manager at Lime, commented: “Working closely with our partners at Uber we have been able to integrate and make our services available to even more riders, which will help encourage active and sustainable journeys and reduce congestion.

“We’re also very excited to launch our Gen 4 e-bikes in London in the coming months. Like our current red e-bikes, they will be available for hire via the Uber app and Londoners will be some of the first riders outside of the US that will get the chance to try out our new and improved Lime-green ride.”

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