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Lime to launch Gen4 e-bike in London this summer

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Shared micromobility operator Lime will launch its Gen4 e-bike in London over the summer, the US-based firm announced on Monday.

With significant technology upgrades, the new white and green Gen4 e-bike will replace the red devices currently available in London.

The new model includes an interchangeable swappable battery, which can also be used on the Lime Gen4.1 e-scooter, significantly improving the operational efficiency and sustainability of the service.

The Lime team will be able to quickly swap any dead batteries, reducing van trips and saving energy, while improving vehicle availability and service reliability for riders.

Other features include increased motor power, a phone holder, a new handlebar display, automatic two-speed transmission and an increased life span.

The Gen4 e-bike is already available in Washington DC, Charleston and Atlanta, with London just one of the launches planned this year.

Lime recently committed to investing £20 million in London over the next 18 months, where it is currently one of the three operators taking part in the shared e-scooter trial.

“The upcoming launch of Lime’s Gen4 e-bikes in London will be a vital step towards achieving our mission of building a future where transport is shared, sustainable and affordable,” said Alan Clarke, Senior Director of Policy for Lime UK and Ireland.

“Innovation is at the forefront in everything we do and we pride ourselves on being the only micromobility provider to design both our software and hardware in-house. With our e-bikes popularity now significantly superseding pre-COVID levels, it’s clear that what we’re seeing is just the start of an exciting behaviour change in London as we look to reduce carbon emissions and live our lives more sustainably. Being able to standardise our swappable batteries across both e-scooters and e-bikes is not only a leap forward for Lime but also the broader micromobility industry.”

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