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Lavoie launches premium F1-inspired e-scooter 

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New micromobility company Lavoie, a McLaren Applied subsidiary, has officially launched its debut e-scooter, the Series 1. 

Drawing from its F1 engineering heritage, the Series 1 is manufactured to “supercar standards” and features a patented one-touch Flowfold mechanism.

Zag Daily spoke with Eliott Wertheimer, CEO of Lavoie, who said the company wants to reshape people’s attitudes toward e-scooters.

“The whole point is to redefine the perception. To move e-scooters from something people don’t trust to a vehicle that they are proud of, that’s beautiful and they are happy to ride every day.”

Now available to pre-order, the Series 1 has undergone rigorous testsing since the company first revealed the concept model last December. 

“We have been moving from concepts to technological validation and automotive product-level prototypes. We have included enhanced battery specifications to offer an extra level of safety.”

Series 1 specs

The new model comes in two versions: standard and the Series 1 Max, which are distinguished by their battery size. 

Priced at £1,890, the standard Series 1 has 468Wh capacity and a range of 40 km per charge. The Series 1 Max is priced at £2,190, packing a larger 702Wh capacity and a range of 60 km per charge.

Both versions have a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph), and can be limited as appropriate.

Series 1 can be fully charged in less than three hours and has three power modes controlled by an app. 

Besides allowing the vehicle to be folded, the Flowfold mechanism also includes an intermediate position for parking. Called Park Mode, it sets the e-scooter into a stable resting position.

Among its safety features, the battery is housed in a waterproof hard shell. The model also includes an integrated lighting system which includes presence lighting, rear brakes and rider illumination LEDs to ensure a high level of visibility.
Series 1’s design and colour schemes were developed in collaboration with Callum. It comes in four colours: Silent White, Racing Green, Electric Blue and Sunset Orange.

Limited edition

The first 469 customers can pre-order the Founders Edition, featuring a bespoke plaque designed by Callum. 

It pays homage to the first electric two-wheel vehicle patented in 1869 and offers benefits such as early access to product releases, updates and private events.

Customers can pre-order the vehicle at the Lavoie website by placing a fully-refundable deposit of £500. Production slots will be allocated upon order placement.

Wertheimer expects deliveries to start in November.

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