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Helbiz expands global link-up with Moovit

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Italian micromobility firm Helbiz has announced the expansion of its global partnership with urban mobility solutions provider Moovit.

The news will see the further integration within the Moovit app, granting users access to information on Helbiz micromobility devices in 35 cities across the United States, Italy, Spain, France and Serbia.

The rollout will take place over the coming months, with the two companies working together to gather insights in a bid to reduce congestion.

Moovit app users will be able to locate nearby Helbiz e-scooters, e-bikes and e-mopeds, before being shown the estimated journey cost and remaining battery charge.

With services in 3,400 cities across 112 countries, Moovit has existing partnerships with micromobility operators including Lime, Spin and Beryl.

Helbiz became the first shared electric micromobility firm to be listed on NASDAQ earlier this year and is one of the leading operators in Italy alongside Bit Mobility.

“As Helbiz continues to expand in the United States and around the world, we look forward to growing our partnership with Moovit to ensure our users have access to efficient and sustainable transportation options wherever they are,” said Ruggero Cipriani Foresio, Chief Marketing Officer at Helbiz.

“We’re eager to realize our vision of building smart cities rooted in green mobility initiatives, and this partnership arms us with invaluable data and insights to help us achieve that goal.”

Yovav Meydad, Chief Growth and Marketing Officer at Moovit, added: “Offering more alternative options that can easily get people to their destinations is a critical component of a MaaS platform, which is why we are excited about our expansion with Helbiz.

“The partnership will offer users the ability to travel sustainably, whether for short trips or longer trips by using Helbiz vehicles in combination with public transit. This will further our shared mission to help people ditch the car and decrease congestion.”

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