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Voi and Beryl partner up with journey planning platforms

E-scooter companies Voi and Beryl have teamed up with journey planning platforms to link public transport with micromobility for onward journeys.

Travel planning app Zipabout has partnered with Voi to offer e-scooters as an option through its “First & Last Mile” feature for onward journeys for those using public transport.

People arriving by train or bus in cities where Voi Technology is being trialled will see e-scooters listed in Zipabout’s personalised messaging outlining the options available for their onward journey.

Scooters will be presented alongside other choices such as the bus, a taxi or walking route together with the travel time for each.

If users opt for an e-scooter, they’ll be able to sign up and book ahead of arriving at their final stop.

On arrival, they’ll be guided to the nearest Voi e-scooter location and provided with a suggested route.

Richard Corbett, Voi Technology regional general manager UK, said: “E-scooters are a convenient, accessible and socially distanced mode of transport, particularly important while the current COVID restrictions are in place.

“By integrating our carbon-neutral service with public transport we can replace more short car journeys, reducing congestion and improving air quality creating better cities for living.”

Voi is currently the largest shared e-scooter operator in the UK, with trials currently running in 13 towns and cities, including Liverpool, Bristol, Northampton and Birmingham.

“…Offering alternative forms of transport during the pandemic is critical…”

Luke Redfern, Moovit’s UK partnerships manager

Meanwhile Beryl, which has e-scooter trials running in Norwich, Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight, has joined forces with journey planning platform Moovit.

The Moovit app will show users where a Beryl e-scooter or e-bike is available nearby, including how long it will take to walk there.

Phil Ellis, Beryl co-founder and chief executive, said the partnership with Moovit would help empower people to find more affordable and sustainable journey options within their communities.

While many UK residents are still working from home, Moovit’s 2020 Global Public Transport Report found that on average, 35% of cyclists and scooter users in the UK prefer to connect their rides with public transport for more efficient first and last segments of a journey.

However, many people still drive their private vehicles to connect with
main transport hubs or drive directly to their destination.

This has been a driving factor behind the partnership between Beryl and Moovit, as another way to help reduce the number of cars on the road.

Luke Redfern, Moovit’s UK partnerships manager, added: “Offering more alternative forms of transport, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, that can easily get people to their destination is a critical component of any Mobility as a Service platform.”

Voi e-scooters in Birmingham

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