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First BeTriton amphibious electric camper trikes to launch in March 2023

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Latvian-based startup BeTriton will produce and deliver its first batch of Ready-Made electric camper-trikes that can travel over land and water by the end of March 2023. 

This is a fully assembled ready-to-go version designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want long-distance adventures or short weekend getaways. 

“2023 looks set to be a gamechanger for BeTriton as we’ll be stepping over the threshold of pre-production, pre-market, pre-revenue by the end of Q1,” BeTriton’s CEO and Founder Aigars Lauzis told Zag Daily. 

“We’re set to produce and deliver the first batch of units at the end of March. We’re starting with South Germany addressing both German and Swiss markets. The rest of Europe will follow shortly and the US too. We’re also planning to tour Europe and the US in two units to showcase the product’s capabilities, range and immense potential.” 

Based on various demos and test miles on water and land last summer, BeTriton has learned what tweaks need to be made before it starts production. 

The cabin will be optimised to allow for more interior space with fewer moving parts and is lighter and cheaper in terms of the build cost. BeTriton had planned to use a DC motor but has now chosen a more efficient AC motor – 48V to match the bike motor voltage and it will be a lot more powerful at 2150 W. 


The company has chosen Akku Energie Systeme to supply the batteries which are now removable making them easier to charge. 

BeTriton has also changed the bike motor to a “super clever Finnish solution called Revonte One”. This complies with EU e-bike standards and has automatic gearing integrated, so it is essentially an automatic transmission bike motor with reverse gear, regenerative braking and an integrated IoT module. Furthermore, the new model will have an improved interior, featuring an easier seat adjustment and sturdier dashboard. 


BeTriton said it will be raising a seed round in Q1 next year to gather enough funds for completing its R&D phase, certification and building the initial production line. This money will be raised with business angels and through an equity crowdfund. 

In 2022, BeTriton received more than 150 pre-orders and unveiled the first prototype of the DIY version.

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