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New BeTriton trike can transform into camper and boat

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Latvian-based startup BeTriton (formerly known as Z-Triton) has launched a second prototype model of its amphibious ‘camper-trike’ that can be used to travel over land and water, fitting an adult and child.

Dubbed the BeTriton DIY Kit, it is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want long-distance adventures or short weekend getaways.

This version is smaller than the BeTriton Ready-Made and can be assembled with a simple set of tools at home. Electric assistance is optional in this model and pedalling is needed both on land and water modes.

On land the trike can travel up to 25km/h and on water it can go up to 5km/h.

The prototype was unveiled in Amsterdam at the World of eMobility exhibition. It follows the company’s win of a Є75,000 Norwegian grant which was for the “Development of Green Innovation and Information and Communication Technology.”

“People love it and we think it’s going to be a big hit,” said BeTriton’s CEO and Founder Aigars Lauzis. “It’s still rough around the edges, this is the first prototype out of at least three iterations that we are planning. The hull is plywood and will eventually be aluminium. We’ve done lots of welding but it will all be just bolt-on sort of solutions.”

Lauzis told Zag Daily that the next two iterations of the vehicle will address “self-buildability, modularity, electric assistance, small tweaks in design and functionality.”

These iterations of the DIY Kit should be released next year and he expects first deliveries to start in 2024.

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