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Apollo Pro: 360-degree lights, self-healing tyres, seated convertible

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Canadian e-scooter brand Apollo is looking to transform the urban travel experience with its new flagship Apollo Pro – featuring a 43mph Hyper Scooter equipped with IoT and a first-of-its-kind 360-degree customisable lighting system.

The scooter has already been awarded the winner of the 2023 Red Dot Design Award, due to its unique design and unibody frame, while the e-scooter’s lights give it unmatched visibility – both to see and to be seen.

A true innovator in the space

The Apollo Pro comes with a smart regenerative braking system, an in-house designed MACH 2 controller for smooth acceleration, a Quadlock phone mount, and in-built GPS (IoT) with an accuracy of 10 metres.

Designed and developed in-house by a team of 52 in Montreal, each new scooter undergoes a 5,000-kilometre roll test as part of the firm’s efforts to create an e-scooter that displaces cars as the status quo for short-distance travel.

Apollo Pro

“This scooter is made with feedback from more than one million kilometres of riders analysed over the past year, which ensures that comfort, technology, and performance remain at the core of this hyperscooter and make it a vehicle grade electric scooter,” Christopher Rey, Chief Growth Officer at Apollo Scooters, tells Zag Daily. “It is designed to be a high-performance vehicle with everyday features that riders actually need, giving them a practical and fun alternative to using their car.”

The Apollo Pro is breaking free from the trend of seeing bigger as synonymous with better. Its 1,200W dual motors and 21700 lithium battery – enabling the e-scooter to accelerate from 0 to 30 mph in 4.99 seconds – makes it a role model for both performance and practicality.

Its regenerative brake system, unconventional of higher-powered electric scooters, enables smooth braking while recharging the battery and maximising energy efficiency at the same time. Incorporating regenerative brakes into the Apollo Pro reduces the use of the e-scooter’s mechanical brakes by 90% and eases maintenance costs.

Communication at your fingertips

A first in any electric scooter, the Apollo Pro includes a Quadlock phone mount which enables riders to conveniently access the Apollo App on-the-go while simultaneously wirelessly charging their smartphone. The app has a navigation system, ride analytics, and over-the-air updates, allowing users to customise their riding experience.

The e-scooter’s built-in GPS system offers anti-theft capabilities, ride recording, and precise location tracking. An IoT inside the Apollo Pro enables riders to control the scooter through their phone from any location, as well as utilise killswitch capabilities.  

Rey said: “Paying for a scooter without IoT tracking doesn’t make sense in today’s technologically advanced world.”

Apollo Pro

Designed for Utility

The Apollo Pro is made with ease and practicality in mind. Though it may not boast the fastest acceleration in the industry, this model was built on the foundation of convenience. It strives to be the reliable go-to for everyday use.

Built for three core users, the e-scooter offers powerful acceleration for electric enthusiasts, a range of accessories to make the commuter comfortable, and a robust aircraft-grade aluminium body to ensure maximum stability for urban delivery riders.

Reaching a top speed of 43 mph and a range of 100 kms on a single charge, the Apollo Pro is changing the urban landscape with 95% of its users riding 45 kms a day, according to the provider. 

It uses tires that are 12 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, with a self-healing gel lining to keep the air where you want it.

Its dust and water-resistant rating of IP66 (one of the highest ratings available) means that users can confidently rely on this mode of transport in any weather conditions.

“Travelling up to 100 kms means nothing if it’s not water-resistant for areas like Vancouver and London,” the Chief Growth Officer says.

With a 1000 lumen headlamp at the front, it can be spotted from 100 metres away, maximising the safety of the rider day or night, while providing a visually striking platform to stand on.

Or to sit on – praised for its versatility and convenience, the Apollo Pro can convert from a regular e-scooter to a seated one. Its range of accessories include a rear basket for transporting goods, a backrest and sheltered cabin.

Target markets

Apollo plans to focus on the US market over the next 2-3 years, with a strong customer base in both America and Canada. 

But with 15 distributors worldwide and 35,000 units sold in 2022, Apollo still intends for the scooter to reach a global audience. 

Perfected from 2.5 years of consumer feedback and an intense R&D process, the Apollo Pro is a creative formula of everything the firm has learned from its riders and its previous models, making it Apollo’s biggest launch yet.

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