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nextbike launches one of Poland’s largest bike share systems

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nextbike by Tier has launched one of the largest bike share schemes in Poland which will serve the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Region (GZM).

The bike share system, called Metrobike, will have 7,000 bikes operating in 31 cities across Poland with a full-fledged expansion to be complete by this summer.

Metrobike already has 1,860 nextbikes in action since it rolled out last weekend which can be rented from 267 stations in eight cities.

“We’re a market leader in Poland and have been running schemes here for over a decade, such as the successful Veturilo in Warsaw which has over 3000 bikes,” nextbike by Tier Head of Communications and Public Policy Mareike Rauchhaus told Zag Daily.

The Metrobike bike share will act as an extension of local public transport and serve two million people in the metropolitan region with a sustainable mobility service.

Its integration into local public transport means that those with a day pass or public transport subscription can use Metrobike free of charge for an hour each day their ticket is valid.

There will also be a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) integration into the GZM app. 

“For a holistic multimodal offer it’s important to find all modes of public transport nearby, to switch from one to another and need just one app or access point.

“The lower the barriers, the more users.”

nextbike has made a habit of serving the largest bike share systems in Poland. The launch of its latest bike share comes less than two years after the company won the tender to continue supplying the Veturilo bike share system in Warsaw from 2023 to 2028 – which at the time was the largest bike share system in the country and one of the largest in Europe.

In November last year, a new public bike share system with a service area more than twice the size of Singapore also launched in Poland. Powered by global micromobility software platform Urban Sharing and operated by INURBA Mobility, Mevo 2.0 covers Poland’s Tricity region of Gdańsk, Gdynia, and the town of Sopot.

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