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Exclusive: All shared e-scooter pricing in the UK mapped

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With 12 operators and 50 shared e-scooter fleets now spread across the UK, we thought it important to map the cost of e-scooter journeys to see which operator and area comes out on top.

Our findings reveal that there are big variations in the cost of hiring e-scooters across the trial areas.

This is to be expected given the number of different micromobility operators and town sizes in play.

Payment models for a journey are typically either pay-per-ride or a subscription for unlimited rides.

We have compared the operators more common pay-per-ride model over a sample 15-minute journey to give a fair picture of the true cost of scooting around.

Most operators calculate the pay-per-ride cost based on two charges – an “unlock” flat fee per journey, and then a per-minute ride fee.

ZAG’s analysis shows that charges vary between £1.80 and £4.00 a journey across the UK.  

Since we first rounded up the pay-per-ride charges back in November 2020, Zwings which operates in Cheltenham and Gloucester, and Tier in York, have seen the steepest rate increases. These have gone from 15p to 20p a minute and 14p to 18p respectively.

So in York, while your 15 minute journey may get you a decent way across the city, it will cost you £3.70 on a Tier e-scooter once the operators £1 unlock charge has been factored in.

In Cheltenham and Gloucester, the rate rises to £4 on a Zwings e-scooter with the £1 unlock charge applied.

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