The definitive guide to the UK’s e-scooter trials

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The UK trials of shared e-scooters, enabled by the Department for Transport as a possible precursor to permanently regulating both private and shared versions, started in July 2020. Since then, over 50 fleets have launched, and some have closed. As the trial operators start to look forward to permanent operation (or winding down), Zag lists every opening and closure in the UK.

All the trial fleets are in England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland did not host any trials, in part due to slight legislative differences between the home nations. Most of the trials below are open to members of the public aged over 16 (some fleets have a higher age-limit) with at least a provisional driving licence required, except the Barnstaple long-term rental trial which is only open to local students.

Currently operating shared e-scooters

Map #City/TownOperatorLaunched
1MiddlesbroughGinger13 July 2020
2Milton KeynesSpin*22 August 2020
3HartlepoolGinger24 August 2020
5Milton KeynesLime26 August 2020
6NorthamptonVoi3 September 2020
8BirminghamVoi10 September 2020
10Milton KeynesGinger16 September 2020
12NorwichBeryl21 September 2020
13CheltenhamZwings30 September 2020
14RedditchBird1 October 2020
15LiverpoolVoi6 October 2020
16GloucesterZwings8 October 2020
17CambridgeVoi15 October 2020
18SloughNeuron16 October 2020
19YorkTIER20 October 2020
20YeovilZwings22 October 2020
21SalfordLime26 October 2020
22NottinghamWind (Superpedestrian)27 October 2020
23BathVoi29 October 2020
24BristolVoi29 October 2020
25TauntonZipp30 October 2020
26AylesburyZipp16 November 2020
27High WycombeZipp18 November 2020
29Cowes, Newport, Ryde (Isle of Wight)Beryl26 November 2020
30BasildonSpin*7 December 2020
31West Bromwich (Sandwell)Voi8 December 2020
32KetteringVoi10 December 2020
33University of Warwick (Coventry)Voi17 December 2020
34ChesterGinger21 December 2020
35ScunthorpeGinger23 December 2020
37Bournemouth and PooleBeryl25 January 2021
38ChelmsfordSpin*1 February 2021
39ColchesterSpin*16 February 2021
40NewcastleNeuron16 February 2021
41OxfordVoi18 February 2021
42CorbyVoi26 February 2021
43Rushden & Higham FerrersVoi2 March 2021
44WellingboroughVoi2 March 2021
46PortsmouthVoi16 March 2021
47SouthamptonVoi18 March 2021
50Whitehaven (Copeland)Ginger29 March 2021
52CanterburyBird29 March 2021
53Great YarmouthGinger30 March 2021
55SunderlandNeuron31 March 2021
58Princes RisboroughZipp17 May 2021
59MineheadZipp5 June 2021
60LondonDott7 June 2021
61LondonTIER7 June 2021
62LondonLime7 June 2021
* Spin is now part of TIER. At the time of writing, the e-scooters are still Spin-branded.

Already closed

London (Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park)*Bird5 November 2018March 2020
RedcarGinger24 August 202023 November 2020
Coventry (City Centre)**Voi10 September 202015 September 2020
StaffordGinger15 September 202015 September 2021
Newcastle-under-LymeZwings16 September 202015 September 2021
ClactonSpin2 March 202124 October 2021
ChardZwings25 March 202115 October 2021
CrewkerneZwings25 March 202115 October 2021
RochdaleLime1 April 202131 March 2022
* Technically not part of the main Department for Transport sponsored trials, as it operated on private land and opened before the DfT trials were specified and launched. The fleet was open to the public. ** Officially, the fleet was suspended and then relaunched in a different area – on the nearby University of Warwick campus.

Long-term hire trials

DerbyWind (Superpedestrian)25 November 2020
Bristol and Bath (West of England)*Voi8 January 2021
BrentwoodSpin**29 March 2021
BraintreeSpin**30 March 2021
Barnstaple (North Devon)***Voi19 April 2021
OxfordVoi13 April 2022
* Trial area extends a long way beyond both cities. ** Spin is now part of TIER. *** Only available to local college students.


Circle area is proportional to the estimated size of each fleet.

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