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20FIFTY: Dual Use Innovation from CYCLE 

The surge in demand for e-commerce based last mile delivery is predicted to see a 36% increase in delivery vehicles by 2030. CYCLE's innovative 20FIFTY e-cargo bike, with its dual configuration capability and full service subscription, is a versatile solution pushing the boundaries of e-cargo bike design.

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Since the onset of COVID, last-mile delivery demand has surged across various sectors spanning from food deliveries to e-commerce.

The demand for swiftly-executed home deliveries remains on a steady incline, with instant and same-day e-commerce deliveries experiencing an annual growth rate of 20%. To cover the growth of last mile delivery, forecasts suggest 36% more delivery vehicles will be needed by 2030.

This demand is what spurred CYCLE to create 20FIFTY, the dual-configuration e-cargo bike. 

Two configurations, one bike 

The 20FIFTY comes in two configurations: cargo and sport. 

Marjorie Simon, Chief Operating Officer at CYCLE, tells Zag Daily: “The idea of the 20FIFTY is to propose a bike that rides as comfortably as a compact e-bike but can carry as much as a van. For this, we have developed a unique, modularly adjustable frame that can be shortened or lengthened depending on transportation requirements.”

The double drop-out effectively enables a user to have two bikes in one. A long-tail cargo bike for delivery or day-to-day use cases such as riding kids to school, and a shorter, agile bike for a sporty ride from A to B through the city.

In both configurations, the 20FIFTY features a 1000 WH battery with sufficient power for up to 150 km on a single charge. Paired with the powerful 250 W / 60 NM hub motor, couriers can get through full day shifts without recharging. 

Built for intense use, its reinforced alloy frame made of recycled aluminium can hold up to 200 kg. Its torque sensor offers a smooth ride. The double wall rims are built to resist damage on rough terrain during long distances. 

When in its sport configuration, the bike has higher agility due to its short wheelbase of only 122 cm. Like this, its front rack can transport bags and small boxes under 20 kg. 

Once the wheelbase is extended to 130 cm, the capacity increases and allows for a multitude of cargo options. The front and rear racks can be fitted with soft or isolated boxes and even a trailer with up to 160 kg of loading capacity. 

“Whether it’s pizza or a package, with the 20FIFTY, we provide delivery personnel with a powerful and comfortable transport vehicle that can deliver goods of all kinds more efficiently and sustainably,” says Simon.

To improve uptime and reduce theft, its IoT connectivity comes with remote locking, GPS tracking, over-the-air updates, and preventive maintenance.

Lowering the barrier to entry 

For last mile logistics to realise its sustainability potential, widespread adoption of e-cargo bikes is imperative, but the high up-front costs are a major barrier. To add to this, maintaining a fleet of e-cargo bikes requires specific technical skills and is costly. 

CYCLE is lowering the barrier with its full service mobility subscription offering across 85 cities in five countries. Monthly rates start at 129 euros and include hardware, software, insurance and maintenance. 

“The 20FIFTY is the result of years of intense collaboration between CYCLE’s engineers and delivery services around the world. We factored this experience into a new bike that combines the robustness, manoeuvrability, and repairability that are required for last-mile delivery.”