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2023 saw dockless bikes, scooters & mopeds generate more than €900 million in Europe

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The past 12 months have been wild for shared mobility.

Paris banned scooters but doubled dockless bike ridership. Bird filed for Bankruptcy Protection in the US. Superpedestrian closed down definitively at the end of 2023.

Kicking 2024 off strong, Dott and TIER announced their merger.

Much has been made of the financial situation of operators, with long-term viability under scrutiny. Setting the record straight is Fluctuo who, instead of predicting where we’ll be in 2030, sets out the evolution of shared mobility until today and shows us what 2024 holds.

If you’re involved in shared mobility, it is crucial to know:

  • How (or if) operators can secure their place in the shrinking ecosystem 
  • Which countries have room for growth 
  • Where the overall market is heading

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Fluctuo, Europe’s leading aggregator of shared mobility data, has analysed the evolution of shared mobility (dockless bikes, scooters & mopeds) in Europe from 2020 right through to 2023. Crucially, it’s also made predictions for where we are headed in 2024

Working day in day out with mobility operators, public transport authorities and cities, it’s built a reputation as the number one source of information on the shared mobility market, establishing data-sharing agreements with operators to feed critical insights on vehicles and trips that won’t be found anywhere else. 

“We’ve not set out to please anyone,” Fluctuo CEO Julien Chamussy told Zag Daily. “These aren’t fanciful predictions made by consultancies whose only goal is to please the stakeholders.

“We’re talking about credible forecasts from vehicle usage data and public financial information, supported by solid assumptions.” 


All European cities with dockless (free-floating) bikes, scooters and/or mopeds are included.

Station-based bike services, car sharing services, long-term rental services, and personal mobility devices are not included.

Vehicle and trip data is sourced (i) directly from operators that have data-sharing agreements with Fluctuo, (ii) from open data sources, (iii) from existing industry reports, and (iv) through other trusted sources that partner with Fluctuo, including cities and local authorities.

A sample of the report can be downloaded here.

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What’s in the report?

  • 1 PDF document with a full market analysis of Europe for each mode (dockless bikes, scooters and mopeds)
  • Excel file with the numbers in the report and a breakdown of the “Top 10” markets in 2023
  • 30-minute call with Fluctuo to discuss the numbers

Get €400 off full report here with code ‘ZAGDAILY’  

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