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Zoomo targets postal delivery segment with new SG Fleet partnership

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E-bike subscription service Zoomo is offering its electric bikes to customers of commercial car fleet manager SG Fleet for “last-mile” deliveries.

Specifically, the collaboration will enable fleets to expand and electrify in the postal delivery segment.

With over 30 years’ experience, SG Fleet boasts a comprehensive customer base, including government, corporate and university campus customers.

Many of SG Fleet’s customers are actively seeking cleaner and more commercially viable solutions for last-mile delivery and so the firm saw Zoomo’s vehicles as the answer.

“If I had to point to a segment I am most excited about, I would say last mile delivery of parcels,” Zoomo’s Commercial Strategy Manager Nicholas Marquardt told Zag Daily.

“It is a perfect problem for Zoomo to tackle. First, we are intimately familiar with the micro-fulfilment model these players are rolling out to keep up with faster delivery times. Second, light electric vehicles slice through traffic, remove parking headaches and avoid congestion and emission charges, making them the ideal form factor for making fast, frequent drops in urban cores. And lastly, our one-stop-shop offering of hardware, software, servicing and financing is attractive to fleet managers looking to experiment with a new vehicle type while minimizing risk.”

Through the partnership, Zoomo will gain insights into fleet management, as well as entry into the highly-attractive novated leasing market.

These financial arrangements or salary packaging schemes deduct lease payments for vehicles from pre-tax salaries to provide a significant tax benefit to employees of participating companies.

SG Fleet became an investor in Zoomo earlier this year as part of the firm’s $20m Series B funding round.

The fleet manager has a presence in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, France, Germany and Spain.

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