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Zag welcomes Dott, Link and Bird

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Leading micromobility firm Dott has signed up to become a Zag partner, followed by Link and Bird.

This support sends a clear signal that these companies are serious about shaping the regulatory and safety environments here in the UK for electric scooters, and that they are serious about creating the best access possible to information for British authorities and transport executives running trial programmes.

“We’re excited to welcome Dott as our first section sponsor,” comments Ross Ringham, editor at Zag. “Dott is a paragon for operational and logistical excellence, nowhere seen more clearly than in winning one of only three permits to operate large-scale e-scooter fleets in Paris. Dott will sponsor our Trends section.”

“Zag’s passion for the detail and nuance of micromobility is infectious,” comments Duncan Robertson, UK general manager at Dott. “We look forward to further lifting the lid on the industry!”

Ringham continues: “The support of Dott will help Zag continue to grow in reach and content, to the benefit of our readers – local, regional and national transport authorities, urban planners and other leaders across the UK.”

It’s not just words, of course. The Zag team has been travelling up and down the country on photoshoots, to show off e-scooter programmes at their best, employing a range of test-riders and models from different genders and ethnic backgrounds. And we’ve taken an innovative approach to showcasing diversity in the industry, with our profile series on inspirational female leaders.

“Frankly, if micromobility companies aren’t supporting Zag and the unique work we’re doing, are they really serious about the perception and long-term future of their industry in this country?” asks Ringham.

As Trends section sponsor, Dott will contribute to a programme of editorial insights and case studies, enjoy branding and advertising opportunities at the Zag platform, and support the creation of our events, including our “E-scooters: Any Questions?” panel discussion next week.

But Dott is not the only e-scooter company getting serious about supporting the sector in the UK. Link, renowned for its technical nous and advanced location technology, and Bird, the founding father of this industry, will also support our conference next week, before expanding into longer-term partnership options.

“Bird and Link are both in the vanguard of this industry,” says Ringham. “Link may be a new brand but the team’s approach to technological innovation and engineering is extraordinary. Bird, of course, kicked off this low-carbon revolution in the US and has been operating in the UK at the Olympic Park for the past couple of years. It’s a hallowed brand. We’re proud to have both on board.”

Zag is a new editorial source with a mission to inform a British audience of professional readers about micromobility news, trends and best practice. The platform has been created by Spacesuit Media, an international collective of creatives specialising in documenting electro-mobility and other advanced technologies.

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Photography by

Adam Pigott / Spacesuit Media

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