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Wheels for Wellbeing receives donation to buy adapted e-bikes

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Micromobility operator Lime has partnered with charity Wheels for Wellbeing by sponsoring the purchase of three specialised, adapted bikes for riders living with a disability.

Wheels for Wellbeing used a £10,000 donation to purchase two e-tricycles and one recumbent trike to run inclusive bike training sessions in South London.

Sessions can be booked online and are run by the charity’s qualified cycle instructors and volunteers. 

The e-tricycles are designed to stabilise balance, making it easy to ride safely for those who find it difficult to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. They come with a digital handlebar display allowing the user to control the speed of the motor.

For those needing additional support, the recumbent trike features a backrest. The model also has power assist for riders suffering from weakness and fatigue.

Wheels for Wellbeing will look to encourage usage of these e-bikes through training sessions and by offering the opportunity for independent hire.

“These e-bikes remove barriers to accessibility,” Wheels for Wellbeing’s Operations Manager Mark Browne told Zag Daily.

“We get a lot of people coming through our doors saying they feel intimidated by traffic as bicycles require a lot of power to get away at a green light. They need to be able to establish themselves and be assertive, and the electric assistance enables this. It gives them more confidence.”

Lime and Wheels for Wellbeing already work closely together as the charity sits on Lime’s Disability Advisory Board, alongside Thomas Pocklington Trust, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Cycling for All. The Board provides regular feedback on how to improve Lime’s service – ensuring the business is creating a more inclusive future for shared, active and sustainable transport.

The donation is part of Lime’s mission to build a future where transport is shared, which includes increasing the representation of cyclists, and empowering people of all abilities to experience what active travel has to offer. 

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