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Voi’s top tips for safe Christmas riding

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Shared micromobility operator Voi is giving riders some top safety tips ahead of the Christmas holidays. 

“Whether grabbing the latest gift set, finding the perfect pair of winter socks or watching the latest Christmas film, the best present is ensuring riders can enjoy their Christmas by keeping road safety top of mind with Voi’s top tips for safe riding,” said the operator. 

Top tips for festive riding

Be an adult

Only people over 18 years old with a provisional driver’s licence and who have a valid method of payment are allowed to ride a Voi.

Riding home for Christmas safely

In-app messaging and the RideLikeVoila online safety school are great tools for learning more about riding Voi’s vehicles safely as well as clear and important information on the rules of the road. The company’s advanced geofencing technology helps ensure riders can safely journey to their destination.

Riding home safely also means parking correctly when arriving at the destination. Voi’s ‘Parking photo’ in-app feature rewards riders for parking their scooter the right way.

Merry Christmas, not merry riding

Never drink ride. At Christmas many are catching up with friends and family and attending company parties, all before celebrations on New Year’s Eve.

Some people might get carried away with the ‘good cheer’, but there is no excuse for drink-riding – the rules are clear: never drink and never ride. Drink-riding is highly dangerous and could cause serious accidents for pedestrians, the rider and other road users.

Be seen and be heard

All Voi’s have headlights and riders can use the indicators to let other road users know where they’re going.

Wearing a reflective jacket can also make riders more visible. Riders can also ping the vehicle’s bell to let others know they are nearby.

Slow down, it’s Christmas

If it’s slippery due to wet or icy conditions, riders should decrease their speed and avoid taking sharp turns.

Riders can also turn on the ‘Beginner’s mode’, particularly if it is their first time, for a slower ride which automatically reduces the maximum speed to 10 mph down from the top speed of 12.5mph. 

Keep that head protected

Voi recommends wearing a helmet to keep your head safe and wrapping up warm during cold spells.

Cllr Phil Larratt, WNC’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Environment, told Zag Daily: “I want to remind everyone that e-scooters outside these trials are illegal to use on the public highway. 

“But they are easy to acquire and make a tempting gift, especially around Christmas. Anyone caught using an e-scooter illegally risks confiscation of their scooter, fines and/or points on their driving licence.” 

Voi riders in Northampton have registered the third highest number of journey counts in the UK trials. 

“55,000 individuals, more than a quarter of Northampton’s population, have registered with Voi and used the scooters 2.2 million times since the trial began,” said Larratt. “We estimate just over a million car journeys didn’t take place as a result of the scooters trial, which will have reduced CO2 emissions by 505 tons.”

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, told Zag Daily: “Bristol is already the UK’s most popular place for Voi e-scooters with an estimated three million car journeys replaced so far. They have become an important part of a modern, sustainable transport mix for our city.

“We encourage all road users to travel responsibly over the festive period, and all-year-round.”

Matthew Pencharz, Head of Public Policy for Voi UK and Ireland, added: “Voi is the only legal way for people to ride e-scooters on public roads, so bring the festive cheer and ride responsibly.”

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