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Voi riders can take an e-scooter home with new long term rental scheme in Oxford

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Micromobility operator Voi has launched a Long Term Rental (LTR) scheme in Oxford giving riders the freedom to take a Voi home to use when they like.

Those living in the operating area, who have at least a provisional driver’s license, and are over 18 can take out an LTR for their very own e-scooter.

The scheme costs £65 a month on a rolling monthly basis, following an initial two-month lease.

Riders are invited to register their interest on Voi’s website if they want to receive an LTR e-scooter by Wednesday 13 April 2022.

Successful applicants will be contacted by Voi to arrange delivery of their e-scooter, during which they will receive in-person training on how to safely operate the electric vehicle.

Voi will also supply a lock, 3-pin battery charger and helmet.

LTR riders will be given the same e-scooter as those using Voi’s shared hop-on-hop-off service in the city, but the LTR e-scooter will be distinguishable by its black handlebars.

Voi’s e-scooters can run for up to 100 miles on a single charge and feature a triple-redundant brake system and hydraulic double suspension.

VOI LTR-e-scooter in Oxford

Speed limits are capped at 12.5mph and geofencing technology means riders will have to respond to slow and no ride zones, ensuring LTR e-scooters are only ridden in authorised operating areas.

“We are delighted that Oxfordshire County Council continues to support our presence in their fine city by enabling residents to subscribe to our Long Term Rental scheme,” said Jack Samler, General Manager at Voi UK and Ireland.

“Having an LTR will be invaluable to regular ‘Voiagers’ who need quick and easy access to our scooters, at their own convenience, day and night. The new scheme means LTR riders can simply jump on and ride straight from their own home to wherever they need to go.

“Long Term Rentals of our e-scooters is part of our movement to make micromobility accessible to all, to build on the modal shift away from polluting modes of transport, which we are already seeing in Oxford, and complementing the city’s public transport system.”

Oxford currently has around 600 Voi shared e-scooters, making it the 11th biggest fleet in the UK, or the 9th biggest city in the UK for shared e-scooters.

Its shared e-scooters have so far replaced around 70,000 short car journeys in Oxford, with a total of 215,000 rides, saving an estimated 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions to date.

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