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Voi launches innovative pilot project with Dublin Bus

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Voi has linked up with state-owned bus operator Dublin Bus to give its staff access to a special fleet of Voi e-bikes as part of a new pilot project.

The co-branded e-bikes will enable Dublin Bus employees to travel between the eight depots that house the 1,000 bus fleet of Dublin Bus.

This 12-month project is designed to give the two company’s real time insights into micromobility usage in the Irish capital.

One of the bus drivers from Dublin Bus who attended Voi’s launch event at Broadstone Depot, Dublin, said: “It’s so important that we have some time to exercise as we bus drivers spend large chunks of our time sitting down. I can’t wait to use the e-bikes to get some much needed fresh air between shifts.”      

Part of a wider range of projects that Dublin Bus is pioneering to support sustainable transport, the e-bike usage data will provide invaluable insights to help Dublin Bus support customers in choosing how to journey on their first or last mile.

“New technology is changing the way everything is done and transport services are no different,” said Ray Coyne, Chief Executive of Dublin Bus. 

“We’ve always prided ourselves on how we help Dublin thrive and this new technology is part of that and is also enabling new ways of doing things for Dublin Bus.”

Voi will provide 20 e-bikes that will be charged and maintained at Dublin Bus depots across the city.

Fredrik Hjelm, Co-Founder and CEO at Voi, said: “Integrating public transport with green transport modes, such as scooters or e-bikes is fundamental to the decarbonisation of our cities and towns, and we couldn’t be more excited about working with Dublin Bus to bring our vision of creating better cities to live, into the Irish capital.”

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