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TIER, Voi invest in 100 new e-scooter parking racks across Stockholm

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Shared micromobility operators TIER and Voi have invested in 100 new e-scooter parking racks across Stockholm as part of a new partnership.

The racks will be distributed across the Swedish capital to provide more space for parking and encourage safer parking practices, with the initiative created in close collaboration with the City of Stockholm.

Each rack is able to hold up to 10 e-scooters and is open to be used by all riders, with seven firms currently operating shared schemes in the city – TIER, Voi, Lime, Bird, Bolt, Moow and Superpedestrian.

Research from the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics has shown that dedicated parking areas can significantly improve order with e-scooter parking in cities.

There are around 20,000 e-scooters in total across the city, with Stockholm-based Voi managing a fleet of 6,500.

Meanwhile, TIER launched in Stockholm back in 2019 and has expanded its fleet to 5,500 e-scooters in that time.

“The City of Stockholm welcomes independent initiatives from e-scooter operators to improve the traffic situation in Stockholm,” said Daniel Helldén, Vice Mayor of Traffic in Stockholm.

“Parking spaces dedicated to e-scooters is an important tool in reducing the current clutter. Electric scooters have become an appreciated way for many to get around in Stockholm, and we need a range of measures to come to terms with the situation.”

“For TIER and Voi, it is important that we create urban environments where electric scooters become a natural part of a sustainable way of moving around the city,” TIER Regional Manager Sweden and Denmark, August Svedenstedt, added.

“E-scooters are an important complement to public transport. One of our big challenges has been how the vehicles are parked by the users, it must be easy to do right. That is why it is important to find solutions that promote road safety and accessibility as quickly as possible.”

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