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TIER finds a third of Londoners feel exposed using micromobility on roads

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A study by TIER has identified that a major barrier to micromobility take-up for Londoners surveyed is that over a third feel too exposed to other vehicles on roads.

The survey also revealed that two-thirds (66%) of Londoners feel there are too many cars on the road, while only half (50%) feel that cycling is easy and efficient in the capital. 

To help combat these barriers to micromobility adoption, TIER has partnered with British routing and navigation startup Beeline to provide navigation within the TIER app for e-scooter riders. 

Beeline’s unique routing tech picks quieter and safer routes by gathering data from its riders. Users are given the opportunity to rate a road to indicate if they are having a positive or negative experience to help avoid places that cause stress. According to a recent Beeline poll, almost 80% said that since using the Beeline app they have felt safer while riding their bike. 

“Our research shows that a major barrier to scooting and cycling in London comes from riders feeling vulnerable sharing road space with cars and other large vehicles,” TIER’s Senior Corporate Communications Manager for UK and Ireland, George Chamberlain, told Zag Daily.

“Through our integration with Beeline, TIER users can feel confident knowing that they will be travelling away from traffic along quieter roads and cycle paths, with routes based on real journeys taken in the capital. As infrastructure improves, we look forward to more people trying out our e-bikes and e-scooters and discovering London on two wheels.” 

Beeline will be holding a pop-up event with TIER in London today on Car Free Day 2022 to showcase how Beeline’s navigation can avoid major roads and link up with the best cycling infrastructure available in the city. 

The study was run three times between May – November 2021 and garnered more than 1,400 respondents each time.

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